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Purpose of Program Review

The purpose of Program Review is:

Since the majority of the units reviewed have participated in previous cycles, there are opportunities to build on specific recommendations and strategic goals that have been previously identified. However, as the University is a highly dynamic environment, each review cycle is also an opportunity to reexamine where each unit is today with the purpose of repositioning it for strength in the coming years.

Program Review is a time-consuming process for faculty, administrators, Deans/Vice Presidents, and central administration. While significant time, effort, and resources are required to sustain the process, the value of Program Review has been affirmed based on its capacity to catalyze change and continuous improvement through the University on a unit by unit basis. Beyond fostering improvement in individual units, Program Review further facilitates increased collaboration between units and provides information to school and University leadership to assist in strategic planning efforts. Each review year, Program Review solicits feedback from external reviewers, Program Review Council members, internal reviewers, and unit heads to assess the effectiveness of the process and identify areas for improvement. In addition to feedback from constituents, Program Review undergoes review each cycle.