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2019-2020 Networking Groups

During 2019-2020, multiple interdisciplinary research networking groups will be meeting around the topics described below.

Data Science Focused Luncheons (monthly luncheons October 2019 through May 2020)

Sustainability – Addressing Climate Change: The impacts of climate change are being felt and will continue to grow during the coming decade. The “Addressing Climate Change” luncheon group will address climate change mitigation, adaptation, and communication from the perspectives of predicted impacts on people and systems, technology development, social equity, and fiscal and public policy.

Sustainability – Food-Water-Energy Nexus: Per the United Nations, “the water-food-energy nexus is central to sustainable development. Demand for all three is increasing, driven by a rising global population, rapid urbanization, changing diets, and economic growth. Agriculture is the largest consumer of the world’s freshwater resources, and more than one-quarter of the energy used globally is expended on food production and supply. The inextricable linkages between these critical domains require a suitably integrated approach to ensuring water and food security and sustainable agriculture and energy production worldwide.” Including faculty across the disciplines of engineering, social science, humanities, and basic science, the “Food-Water-Energy” luncheon group will be dedicated to understanding relationships between food, water, and energy and to innovating to develop sustainable and resilient practices in these sectors.

Resilient Chicago: Modern cities like Chicago are grappling with a myriad of challenges and stressors impacted by social issues, economics, health inequities, crime, environmental design, policies and political decision-making, etc. Building upon the energy of the 2018-2019 Chicago group faculty and in collaboration with community partners, the new “Resilient Chicago” luncheon group will use evidence-based problem-solving from across disciplines to address and assist in solving the many challenges and stressors that Chicago is currently facing.


CS+X Initiative Luncheons (limited series during each quarter)

Computation and Creativity: Computational creativity is a multidisciplinary field that lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, philosophy, and the arts; the field is concerned with the theoretical and practical issues in the study of creativity. Exploration areas during the luncheon series will include tools to assist in the creative process, machine-generated creativity, and analytics for the arts, among others. This group will meet for a limited series of luncheons starting November 2019, led by Professors Bryan Pardo and Ian Horswill.

The Human and Societal Impact of Computational Change: As computers and computation transform our world, we need to attend to the impact that these transformations have on human life, interactions, and society. To that end, this group will explore opportunities that the technologies afford in areas such as medicine, communication, journalism, and business as well as the possible dangers that they pose with regard to machine bias, transparency, human dependence, and the future of work. This group will start a cross-campus conversation that allows researchers at both ends of the technology spectrum to discuss and better understand the impact that the computation age is and will continue to have on human life. This group will meet for a limited series of luncheons starting Winter 2020, led by Professor Kris Hammond and TBD.

Computation and the Humanities: Through a series of discussions on the relationship between computation and the humanities, this group will explore the ways in which computation can be used to help uncover information that is contained in the text and data that are a key part of every field within the humanities. The group will also explore the ways in which CS (computer science) can be helped and guided by these fields that focus on the human aspects of the world around us. This group will meet for a limited series of luncheons starting Spring 2020, faculty leaders TBD.