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Informing and Driving Institutional Advancement

The purpose of the Planning team is to drive institutional advancement across Northwestern University; develop and support framework for coordination of strategic initiatives across schools, units, and departments; and guide and inform decision-making processes at multiple levels of the institution.

Since the Office of Administration and Planning was created in 1985, Northwestern University and the broader world of higher education have experienced tremendous growth. Throughout this time, the Planning team has played an important role in planning, coordinating, and driving the implementation of initiatives that have paved the way for a significant amount of Northwestern’s transformation. Recent examples of major projects managed by the Planning team include supporting the Catalyst Workgroup (a collection of faculty, deans, and administrators charged with implementing the initiatives of the NorthWEstern Will Strategic Plan), providing support for the Global Strategy Task Force, and coordinating planning of the Big Data Initiative

As the environment of higher education becomes increasingly complex, it is even more critical to ensure initiatives across Northwestern University's twelve schools, 150+ research centers and institutes, and administrative units are cohesively working toward the goals identified in the University's strategic plans. The Planning team works diligently to drive progress in these areas, working with colleagues across the University to lead Northwestern's pursuit of even greater excellence.