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Member List

Name Title
Robert Aaron Executive Director of Student Affairs Assessment & Planning, Student Affairs Assessment
Bill Artz Director of Research & Analysis, The Graduate School
Lori Barcliff-Baptista Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, School of Communication
Beth Bennett Director of Undergraduate Journalism Program, Medill
Megan Blackwelder Associate Vice President for Program Review, Administration and Planning
Valerie Braun Senior Data Scientist, Data and Insight, Kellogg School of Management
Wes Burghardt Associate Dean for Undergraduate Engineering, McCormick
Debbie Crimmins Senior Director of Institutional Research
Natasha K DiPrima Executive Director of Marketing & Communications, Alumni Relations and Development
Mary Finn Associate Dean, WCAS
Linda Jacobs Assistant Dean Admissions and Student Affairs, Music
Roma Khanna Senior Director of Organizational Strategy and Change, Organizational Strategy and Change
Sue Kwan Director of Enrollment Analytics, University Enrollment
Andy Madorsky Assistant Vice President and Chief Creative Officer, Global Marketing, Global Marketing and Communications
Margaret McCarthy Associate Dean of Student & Alumni Services, Continuing Studies
Marilyn McCoy Vice President for Administration and Planning
Marina Micari Senior Associate Director, Academic Support & Learning Advancement
Susan Olson Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, SESP
Jeannette Ortiz Director of Undergraduate Programs and Advising, School of Communication
Gina Petersen Assessment Librarian, Northwestern Library
Amit Prachand Assistant Vice President of Information & Analytics, Administration and Planning
Mark Presnell Executive Director, University Career Services
Jason Ripple Institutional Research Analyst, Administration and Planning
Jesseca Rodgers Associate Research Data Analyst, Kellogg School of Management
Paul Schatz Assistant Director of Institutional Research, Administration and Planning
Lilah Shapiro Assistant Professor of Instruction, School of Education and Social Policy
Miriam Sherin Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
Susan Spies Roth Associate Dean and Dean of Students, Pritzker School of Law
Laura Wayland Executive Director for Alumni Engagement and Northwestern Alumni Association, Alumni Relations and Development
Lee West Director of Undergraduate Education, Provost's Office

Student Survey Planning Executive Committee