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Board of Trustees Affairs

The Board of Trustees of Northwestern University establishes policies for the governance of the University and is responsible for general oversight of the management of the institution. The major responsibilities of the Board include:

  1. advancement of the University;
  2. protection and enhancement of assets;
  3. preservation of institutional integrity;
  4. Board/President relations; and
  5. functioning of the Board.

The University's governing documents (Charter, Statutes, and Bylaws) are available below:

(Act to incorporate Northwestern University)

(Information on officers of administration, officers of instruction, faculty governance, colleges and schools, students, and other provisions)

(Information on trusteeship)

The Board of Trustees statement on investment responsibility is available below:

Statement on Investment Responsibility
(Approved November 15, 2019)

Questions concerning the University's Board of Trustees should be directed to the Office of Administration and Planning.